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#WhyIMakeover Interview

This video is from a series called #WhyIMakeover, which I created for Project Makeover. This project was posted on Facebook as part of a promotional series intended to create excitement for an upcoming event. 

Makeover Weekend Recap 

Every spring, Project Makeover renovates a local elementary school in Alachua County in order to create a more inspiring and creative learning environment. I created this video to provide a behind-the-scenes look at Makeover Weekend. This video was posted on Facebook to showcase the hard work that went into renovating this school. 

Mini Makeover Recap

In the fall, Project Makeover spends a Saturday afternoon renovating a local elementary school. This video showcases the artwork, construction projects, and landscaping that members of Project Makeover worked so hard to create for Alachua Elementary School. 

Short Film: Time Crunch

Time Crunch is a short narrative film that I created for my Fundamentals of Production class. The film tells a story without the use of dialogue.